Hypnotherapy $60

First appointment includes assessment and session.  The use of guided relaxation to work with your subconscious mind to heal and release any negative energy. 45 min session.

Reiki Session $60

One hour session of Master level Reiki healing. I combine Reiki with essential oils and crystals to clear energy blocks and balance chakras. 1 hour session.

Chakra Balancing $90

Similar to Reiki but focuses on any imbalances in your energy system and stimulates the body’s energy using subtle energy balancing techniques. I call it the “roto- rooter” of Reiki.

Tapping (EFT) $60

A psychological acupressure technique combined with healing affirmations for physical health and emotional healing.

Regression Integration Therapy $90

A session of hypnotherapy that can heal past life traumas and negative patterns in your life.